Gregory S. Schneider

Richmond, Va.

Reporter covering Virginia from the Richmond bureau

Education: College of William & Mary, BA in English

Greg Schneider covers Virginia from the Richmond bureau. He was The Washington Post's business editor for more than seven years, and before that served stints as deputy business editor, national security editor and technology editor. He has also covered aviation security, the auto industry and the defense industry for The Post.
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The two sides of Youngkin: Virginia’s new governor calls for unity but keeps stoking volatile issues

While some praise Virginia's new governor for diving into state government, his constant campaign mode stokes rumors that he's aiming beyond Richmond.

February 13, 2022

Youngkin praises state senator for speech on Black History Month — but mistook her for a colleague

Youngkin said he apologized for the confusion, saying he was doing too many things at once when he sent the text.

February 11, 2022

Virginia Senate votes to make masks in schools optional statewide

The measure, which would require that schools instruct students in person and give parents the right to decide if their children wear masks in school, now heads to the Republican-led House, which is expected to support it.

February 9, 2022

Virginia Senate Democrats join GOP on amendment to allow parents to opt out of school mask mandates

The amendment was made to a Republican bill, sponsored by Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant (R-Henrico), that would require schools to teach in person. That underlying bill is up for a final vote Wednesday.

February 8, 2022

Virginia House panel strikes down effort to remove same-sex marriage ban from constitution

On Tuesday, a House subcommittee voted against legislation that would allow Virginians to decide whether or not the now-defunct language banning same-sex marriage that remains in Virginia's state constitution should be amended.

February 8, 2022

Youngkin distances himself from campaign’s swipe at teen

The governor on Monday called his campaign's tweet "unauthorized" and said it shouldn't have happened.

February 7, 2022

Va. General Assembly wrestles with race, ideology after Republican is rejected from Black Caucus

Del. A.C. Cordoza, the House's only Black Republican, accuses the Black caucus of rejecting him over policy differences.

February 4, 2022

The last stands: Richmond starts taking down Confederate statues’ pedestals, too

The city of Richmond has begun removing the stone pedestals that once supported Confederate statues all over town. What takes their place will be up to a coalition of local museums.

February 1, 2022

After hard-charging start, Youngkin faces tricky work of relationship-building

The Republican's upset victory last fall in a blue-trending state vaulted him into the national limelight. But now he faces the unglamorous work of building relationships and working deals in a divided Capitol.

January 29, 2022

Youngkin summons higher education leaders to help promote his plan for ‘lab school’ partnerships

Leaders of more than two dozen state institutions of higher learning joined Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) as he touted his plan to create partnerships between local K-12 systems and colleges and universities. Bills to create the schools and fund them with $150 million are pending before the General Assembly.

January 27, 2022