With Amir Locke’s death, ‘officer safety’ claims another victim

The pursuit of "officer safety" has led to too many needless deaths. What about the public's safety?
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Russia is embroiled in another doping controversy. No one should be surprised.

The case of Kamila Valieva shows that the sanctions already imposed on Russia for doping Olympic athletes have not been enough.
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Even by today’s standard of campus cowardice and conformity, this repulsive episode is noteworthy

Attention must be paid to Jason Kilborn’s ordeal. He is enduring, as the price of continuing as a tenured law professor, progressivism’s version of an ancient torment: the pillory.

Republican voters are united — and divided

The GOP’s divides pale next to stark clarity about the two tribes in America — red and blue.

Forced into marriage at the age of 15

Sasha Taylor was only 15 years old when she was forced into marriage in Arizona. She escaped and went on to become an FBI analyst. Now she’s advocating for reform at the state and federal levels.

Our economy is doing well — but many Americans refuse to believe it

More than ever, our political views are overriding our sense of reality

Yes, gas prices are up. But cutting the gas tax is not the answer.

Politicians want to help. But these proposals won't appreciably lower gas prices.

In Ukraine, political infighting could complicate war with Russia

Ukraine’s struggle for political unity is a reminder of its fragility in what’s likely to be a continuing confrontation with Vladimir Putin.
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My father told me why even children need to learn about terrible things: So that we don’t let them happen again

I don't understand the rush to censor books and teaching. How will we raise children to push back against antisemitism and racism if they don’t know their history?
  • 3 days ago

My fellow educators are quitting in droves. Here’s why.

Teachers, aides, principals, bus drivers, school lunch workers, custodians and other school staff are leaving in droves.
  • 3 days ago

Celebrate trans athletes. But give cisgender women a fair shot at victory.

For any athlete, being denied a fair shot at the victories that can make them a hero in their school, their country or even the world is a mammoth loss.
  • 4 days ago

The grim fate of the Voting Rights Act in the hands of the Supreme Court

Conservative justices seem tempted by Alabama's radical argument. Decades of progress for minority voters could be undone.
  • 4 days ago

I was a hostage of Iran in 1979, and they’re still seizing people. Here’s how to stop them.

A nuclear deal must include a stipulation that Iran releases those it has cynically arrested and held as negotiating chips.
  • 4 days ago

Ahmaud Arbery’s family is in pain. But a judge should not have rejected his killers’ plea deal.

The judge's decision in this matter was not any form of justice.
  • 4 days ago
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The NFL has no credibility in investigating Daniel Snyder

There is now no doubt the NFL was never interested in getting out the truth.

Republicans keep attacking a highly qualified Black female Fed nominee

In the case of Ms. Cook, some Republicans have claimed she knows little about the Fed and macroeconomics. That could not be further from the truth.

What the father of the Miranda warning can teach us about modern police reform debates

Yale Kamisar, whose work helped reshape for the better American justice, is a reminder of why it is important to move forward on criminal justice reforms.
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Who is Youngkin’s real audience?

The aggressive use of executive actions creates a rocky path for his legislative goals, but it wins him strong approval among Republican base voters that he could leverage in many ways.

A Holocaust reenactment in a D.C. school should remind us that antisemitism is a severe threat

How many attacks must we sustain before the world accepts that a message of Jew-hatred has become systemic?
  • Feb 4

D.C. is a leader on affordable housing

To promote equity and inclusion now and in the future, we must continue to invest heavily in safe, healthy, affordable housing.
  • Feb 4

Virginia film crews can’t do their jobs if elected officials don’t do theirs

By modernizing and expanding our existing incentives, gig workers could turn into full-time workers right here at home.
  • Feb 4
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Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn talks hard-fought success in 'Rise'


Forced into marriage at the age of 15


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